Marble Products Perth

Marble benchtops, coffee tables & furniture

If marble is good enough for the Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful buildings ever built, it’s certainly good enough for your home or office. Marble is widely used around the world for both art and building purposes, and is a beautiful and functional stone that would suit most houses and buildings. Contact Supastone Marble & Granite in Perth for all your marble requirements.

Classic elegance

Few things compare to the classic elegance of marble in your home. Marble has been used for thousands of years and has lost none of its timeless appeal. Whether you install a marble benchtop in your kitchen, a marble coffee table in your lounge or an outdoor marble slab, these pieces will look great and last you a lifetime.

Specialist stonemasons

With many years’ experience and a team of expert stonemasons, we have become one of the premier marble suppliers in Perth, offering high quality products and outstanding service. We work in both the commercial and residential sector selling a wide variety of marble products to suit an array of applications.

Flexible Stone

Marble’s unique characteristic comes from the fact that it originates from limestone. There are numerous impurities present during the crystallisation process, which are responsible for the unique patterns and colours that marble is so well known for.

Marble comes in a huge range of colours and textures, with something to suit all styles and tastes. Marble is hardy, easy to clean and is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

For all your marble furniture needs, contact Perth‘s premier marble suppliers.

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