Kitchen Benchtops Perth

Quality natural and engineered stone benchtops

As a premier stonemason, Supastone offers the highest quality and workmanship of marble and granite kitchen benchtops in Perth. Our team of experts is committed to creating high quality products and services to beautify your kitchen and add an air of elegance to your home. We are equipped to accommodate all your needs, whether residential or commercial. Using our skilled craftsmanship, we have built kitchen counter tops for builders and homeowners across Western Australia. Our services come at the most affordable prices, providing us with a good reputation, and earning us referrals from our past and present clients.

Our marble, granite and stone benchtops come in a variety of colours, click here to get the full colour range. We also have a range of edge styles for you to choose from.

Stone kitchen benchtops

Our stone benchtops are made from high-quality stone and are suitable to both new builds and renovations. Stone has been a popular choice for architects and designers for years due to its strength and natural beauty. Our beautifully made benchtops are manufactured in natural granite, engineered stone and classic marble.

Granite kitchen benchtops

Granite is a popular natural stone and benchtop material due to its versatility. It’s the second hardest stone and believed to have been formed as far back as 300 million years ago. It’s also popular for its low maintenance aspect and that it polishes beautifully and won’t fade. It can withstand high temperatures and is practically indestructible. It’s also very easy to clean. The material is composed of mostly feldspar, quartz and mica. You can also find traces of muscovite, biotite and other minerals, which give it its natural colours and beauty.

Traditional manufacturing of granite is through drilling and blasting from a quarry, then cutting it into slabs, and polishing it into a standard thickness ready to be turned into benchtops.

Marble kitchen benchtops

For one of the most beautiful stone kitchen countertops, choose marble. This stone has great natural beauty to turn your kitchen into a place of elegance instantly. Marble was used throughout the ages in castles, palaces and can now be used in your family home. Its beauty will last generations through your family. Its natural characteristic is unmatched by any man-made material. Traditionally considered to be an expensive material, the price of marble slabs today has become more affordable. The stone used is extracted from limited quarries all over the world and it undergoes a process that requires skill and precision to retain its aesthetic qualities.

Engineered stone kitchen benchtops

Made up of mostly crushed quartz stone, with a few other materials included like coloured glass and seashells or metals, and bound by a polymer resin, it can be used as an alternative to granite and marble. Engineered stone products are growing in popularity over natural stone products because it’s more of a resilient slab stone. It is more non-porous than other materials and is also more uniform in structure, adding to its superior core strength.

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